Lock Brake, muzzlebrake

With our muzzlebrake LOCK BRAKE you can tame even the strongest recoil.

It is designed to be easy to mount and index. Just screw it on place and fasten it with two M6 hexagon screws. No need for crush washers, shim plates or gunsmith to index.

Fast to remove for cleaning or when changing for sound suppressor.

The LOCK BRAKE has three ports 90 degrees to left and right.

It is highly efficient on reducing the recoil.

Caliber sizes:

6,5mm / .30


9,3mm / .375



Threads: M14x1, M15x1, M16x1, M18x1 and 5/8-24unef

Lenght: 70mm / 2,7″

Diameter: 28mm / 1,1″